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Branched Oyster(Pleurotus cornucopiae)

Also known as Popcorn Oyster. Oyster mushrooms look like oyster shells and have a mildly seafood-like taste. They are great sautéd  in butter with salt and pepper, but they also nicely complement any soup, sauce or stir fry.  


Substrate:Straw,sawdust, wood chips, newspaper and cardboard.
Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 75-85F/65-85F

Branched Oyster(Pleurotus cornucopiae)

  • Description:

    With all cultures you will receive a sterile 12cc syringe full of %100 CLEAN actively growing mycelium in a liquid solution along with a needle.

    Usually ships within 24 hours after receiving payment.

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