Generally we ship 1-3 days from payment receipt. On rare occasions, it may take a little longer.


For international shipping even though we do fill out the customs forms. If needed you must send any other paperwork or permits. We do not guarantee arrival of cultures shipped internationally. International customers must purchase at their own risk. If your location is not available during checkout please contact us.


We will not re-send cultures that the post office lost. If you place another order we will send them again. Its up to the buyer to file a claim with USPS if an order is lost in the mail.

We do not assure survival of international or domestic cultures due to weather conditions. Use your best judgement when placing a order. We recommend tracking them with the tracking number we provide. Then bring them inside immediately upon arrival and unpack promptly especially if your mailbox is outside. We do not add ice packs in the summer or heat packs in the winter. We find they usually defrost / cool down before they even leave this state.

We do not replace cultures due to misuse. It is up to the purchaser to familiarize themselves with the skills required to propagate mushrooms using sterile laboratory technique.


Cultures are sold with cleanliness and viability guarantee, should you find your cultures to be unviable or contaminated please contact us. We will replace any product free of charge that arrives damaged or unsatisfactory. We believe the customer is always right, however if we feel this policy is being abused we reserve the right to deny service. If anything does go wrong always contact us we will always try to help and work something out.

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The Postal Service is temporarily suspending international mail acceptance for certain destinations due to service impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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