Cordyceps Substrate and Growing:

Measure out 3 cups of grain (Wild Bird Seed, Millet, Rice,Popcorn etc.). Prepare the grains by adding to a pot of water and simmering for about 15-30 minutes, until the grains are about double the size, but not bursting open. Strain the grains for about 5 minutes. Add the grains back into the pot. While the grains are still hot add 2 tablespoons of Karo (corn) syrup (or any other type of surgar), 1 tablespoon of Nutritional Yeast (or Yeast Extract), 1 teaspoon of Azomite and 1 tablespoon of corn starch. Mix all ingredients very well.  Add this substrate into 6 quart jars, with special mushroom growing lids, and pressure cook at 15 psi for 60-90 minutes. Once cooled inject each jar with 1-2 cc's of liquid culture. Set the 6 jars in a completely dark place , like in a box at temperature between 60-75F. After about 2-3 weeks check to see if they are fully colonized. Once fully colonized take them out of the dark and place in indirect sunlight to initiate fruiting while maintaining a temperature between 65-70F. Over the next 4-5 weeks the jars will change color to orange and start producing mushroom fruit bodies.

Cordyceps Farinosa (Isaria farinosa)


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