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Late oyster (Panellus serotinus)

Late oyster, is a species of fungus that grows on the wood of both hardwood and softwood trees. The gills on the underside are closely spaced, bright orange yellow, and have an adnate attachment to the stipe. Dark green to olive when fresh, fading to yellowish or greenish, or sometimes darkening to medium brown. In Japan, where it is called Mukitake, it is considered "one of the most delicious edible mushrooms".


Substrate:Hardwood sawdust 
Colonizing/Fruiting Temps:65-75F/40-55F .. can fruit at warmer temps but fruits may have a lighter color

Late oyster (Panellus serotinus)

  • Description:

    With all cultures you will receive a sterile 12cc syringe full of %100 CLEAN actively growing mycelium in a liquid solution along with a needle.

    Usually ships within 24 hours after receiving payment.

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