Tarragon Oyster (Pleurotus eunosmus)

Tarragon Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus eunosmus) is a very rare oyster mushroom which is thought to be only found in the British Isles and currently not commercially cultivated. With a distinctive trumpet shaped cap, as it’s name suggests, it’s smell and taste resembles the herb tarragon making it probably the finest tasting oyster mushroom there is. This species was isolated from the ancient woodlands surrounding Richmond Castle in North Yorkshire. It was found growing on a large fallen beech tree, and is a wonderful example of Britain’s wild mushroom heritage for you to grow and enjoy.


According to Watling & Gregory the Tarragon Oyster mushroom is closely related to Pleurotus ostreatus., this mushroom is generally considered a form or variety of P. ostreatus, but differs in the strong smell of tarragon. It has been reported from England and Scotland. P. euosmus behaves, in culture, similarly to P. ostreatus.


Substrate: Hardwood sawdust, Pine sawdust, Straw, cottonseed hulls, sugar cane, coffee, paper products, and many other materials.

Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 70-80°F/ 70-90° F

Humidity: 90-95%

Tarragon Oyster (Pleurotus eunosmus)

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